Excited To Announce Our Entrepreneurship Pilot Program!

This past spring we launched our entrepreneurship pilot program in Los Angeles, California.

The Only Believe Foundation believes in assisting youth and young adults reach their goals to live their dreams. Our mission is to fully equip future leaders with the adequate tools necessary to succeed. Our goal with this program is to join together like-minded individuals with businesses and business ideas to aid one another in the development of their businesses or brands. Our very first “Think Tank” session was invite only held at a private location in Inglewood, California.

Mogulsinthemaking 20

The morning started bright and early with light refreshments catered by Something Good 2 Eat. Our first speaker  of the morning was serial entrepreneur Wirter Mangrum, followed by marketing guru Bonique Edwards of Kaleidoscope Consulting Group.

Mogulsinthemaking 11

After our first two speakers we were served lunch catered by Something Good 2 Eat.

Mogulsinthemaking 40

After lunch we entered into the “Think Tank” which allowed our 6 rising entrepreneurs to share information about their  brand or business. The brands and businesses that were represented during this phase included a candle line, a fitness studio, a catering company, a women’s empowerment blog, a christian cartoon, and an African based dance company.

Mogulsinthemaking 42

After each entrepreneur presented their idea or business plan they were given the opportunity to receive constructive criticism and positive feedback from their peers.

Mogulsinthemaking 23

Only Believe is so excited to continue to support these entrepreneurs as they continue to build their businesses.We want to see them flourish to be in the position to help the next round of entrepreneurs.

*For more information about this program please visit onlybelievefoundation.com




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