Mapping Your Success Event Recap


The Only Believe Foundation’s first event of the year was in January at Luv2BFitNHealthy’s Coaches Corner: Mapping Your Success, spearheaded by Coach Lala V and K Raines of Luv2BFitNHealthy. The goal of this event was to equip attendees with the necessary tools to successfully conquer their goals in 2016 and beyond.

81bf59_cce30be5d50b47ffa34d6fbaad112c8f(From Left to Board member of Only Believe with sponsored guests and founder Matu Taylor)

Thanks to our donors The Only Believe Foundation was able to sponsor five young adult women to attend the workshop. “I’m so glad I was able to attend Coaches Corner, I was able to get clear with my vision for 2016, it helped so much” – Tyler Womack


81bf59_e45dd51864054a8180ed9c3d15f28286(Sponsored Attendee Tyler Womack)

The main objective for “Coaches Corner” was to empower attendees to get a focus on their fitness, finance, and spiritual goals. We believe that having a clear vision is the first step to accomplishing goals.



Our founder Matu encouraged the attendees to be spiritually grounded while creating goals to have a purposeful vision. She also talked about managing time and tasks better. She encouraged attendees to focus on one thing at a time. Focus on being great at one thing before trying to master another, when you’re juggling too many balls at once you’re bound to drop one.



The day was jammed back with activities from exercising with Coach K and LaLa V, to goal setting, to smart budgeting, to ending the morning with the attendees creating their own vision boards with their goals they had set prior to.





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