Only Believe Interviews Sheree Brown

13120010_481296238729002_929116459270575480_oWhat inspired you to create “Messages From The Heart”? How did it all come together with the music, stories, and art?
I had a life-threatening illness in 2007 which inspired this project. I wanted to use the gift of music and art while sharing the stories of the women in Messages From The Heart. Music is universal and can bring comfort and telling one’s story can be healing. So when I had the vision for this project I thought it would be a beautiful thing to bring all three components together to convey a message of hope. It was a very special gift and blessing to be able to create and record music and dedicate it to each woman and their story.
Out of all the women’s story, which one resonates the most with you today?
As a wife and a mother Melodie’s story touched me the most. Her strength and faith to overcome a serious life struggle inspired me.
What are some words of encouragement you can give to young women who are in the midst of finding themselves in a struggle?
Some of the lyrics from the songs on the Cd that comes with the book speak directly to what I believe…”You can shine, no matter what you’re going through”…”Gotta hold on, be strong!” “Even when the sun’s not shining, it’s still there. “…”His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches over me.” No matter how difficult things may be God is always by my side.
How has God/Faith played a role in your career?
God and my faith have gotten me where I am today in my life. I wouldn’t even want to entertain the idea of going without God and my faith. I often say that God is my manager.
Did being a woman of faith and being in the industry ever clash with who you were as person? How did you overcome it?
 Growing up, people in the industry used to tell me,  “It’s who you know that is going to help you to get ahead in this business.” And, I used to, reply and still do, “Knowing God is the most important thing for me because God will put all the people in my life that I need to know.”
Outside of creating music and writing what do you love?
I love to go to the beach and spend time with nature. I like to go out on dates with my husband, especially out to the movies.
What’s a typical day for Sheree?
I get up, pray, and meditate. Then a good cup of coffee with a light meal for breakfast makes me feel good. Then, I’m ready to start my work for the day…computer work, music, writing, making calls, busy work. Sometimes I take time out to go for a walk. Soon I’m going to start training with my daughter in her workout program, Cocoa Cakes. I enjoy cooking so most times when I’m home I’ll make dinner for my family…and I love spending time with my family.
Words of encouragements for our readers?
Always follow your dreams and be persistent with it. Know that there will be challenges along the way but the end results will be worth it. And most of all, always keep God close to your heart, because God always knows your heart.

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